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It does not matter what size your company is. If you are involved in doing business outside your nation's borders you have to learn a whole new set of rules for almost every different country you sell to, import from, manufacture in, or where your products or technologies are licensed. In addition to the bureaucratic, technical, and legal complexities of doing business in other countries, you also face cultural differences that can make or break an effective business relationship.

manufacturing, raw materials acquisition, etc; negotiating for favorable customs duties and tariffs; and many other activities related with successful

doing business overseas with a complete suite of services from assistance in choosing suitable and reliable sales agents and distributors; qualifying and arranging direct sales meetings with your principal target prospects; working with key officials and ministers who can make or break projects such as licensing,
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working as you had envisioned them at the time you took your first steps in doing business overseas.
overseas business operations. With the current global financial turmoil, even large companies experienced in international business can become involved in complex situations with payments, convertibility of currencies, financing, and other details of getting paid for their products or services. EXIM Partners, in addition to sales and marketing expertise, brings over two decades of experience and resources to the table to facilitate the successful completion of the financial side of new or stalled transactions through conventional and government-backed financing, straight barter, and/or three-way or multi-lateral barter/conversion transactions.

If that is not enough, there are dozens of countries where the local currency is not directly convertible to your national currency, or any other hard currency, thus creating serious impediments to financing and even arranging cash payments for otherwise completed sales. EXIM Partners assists small companies, or those new to