Manufacturing overseas can be a profitable venture or it can be an unmitigated disaster as we have recently seen in a certain large Asian country where manufacturing “shortcuts” have caused poisonings and deaths of infants and children and where blatant intellectual property theft has been a booming industry for decades. Certainly, potential landmines lurk in any kind of overseas relationship, but manufacturing abroad is the one that needs the most special attention—from the selection of the country in which to set up shop to which partners you appoint to do the actual work.

EXIM Partners will assist you in developing an offshore manufacturing strategy then within that plan, work with you to help select the best regions and countries in which to manufacture your products or components based on work force availability and adaptability (education and training); grant and development money available from government (both domestic and foreign); local employment laws and prevalent wages; historical and current levels of
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governmental cooperation; level of local or national institutionalized graft; regional raw material quality and availability; transportation to your country or to your targeted foreign distribution market(s); and visa, security, and personal safety/security issues for your in-country supervisory and management personnel and their families.


Is offshore manufacturing worth the time and effort? For many companies it is. For others, once the overseas manu-facturing plan has been written and the costs analyzed, other potential strategies are uncovered. Contact EXIM Partners to set up a consultation.
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