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The twin pillars of international trade are: 1) the financial transaction including the transfer and conversion of payment; and 2) transportation, the safe shipping of your products to your customer’s business—or at least to their home port. EXIM Partners does not own ships or even a single air transport, but we do have the financial strategies in place to insure that you will get paid—and in a currency you can spend. We like to say “the deal is not done until the customer has his widgets and the widget-maker has his cash.”  Therefore, there is a problem if you are selling into a country where the currency is not easily convertible to a "hard currency." Your bank is not very likely to take in Kazakhstan Tenge and give you US Dollars in return. They would be stuck with the Tenge until someone stepped up to give them US Dollars or Euros for the load of Tenge you dumped on them. You can imagine how soon that might be...


In order to complete your hard won sale and get paid in your own currency (assuming your own currency is one of the handful of hard currencies on the world markets), your customer must have a method in place to convert

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something of value (a commodity or another product) from their country into convertible currency—US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pounds (BPS), etc.  EXIM Partners specializes in providing the mechanisms for international transfers of payment in virtually all currencies; bringing the necessary third parties to the table for conversions; and then implementing the transactions to complete your sale and get you paid—in something other than North Korean Won (KPW). The complexities of international finance, payment guarantees, and banking are relatively straight forward when all parties involved are located in the developed countries with hard currency and have the necessary cash reserves to complete the transactions agreed to by both buyers and sellers.


Your bankers and their correspondent banks can certainly do transactions where it is easy to transfer payments. EXIM Partners however, can structure, implement, and complete the complex transactions that leave the international bankers and international trade bank specialists scratching their heads.