EXIM Partners is founded on the bedrock belief that most success in business is based on the old adage that “it is not what you know, but whom you know.” The internet has shifted that paradigm to the left a few notches, but for most marketers and sales professionals the old saying is still gospel. When you get into the field of international business, the who-you-know approach is not just a rhetorical statement, it is an absolute fundamental on getting things done and in the end, getting paid for what you have done.


The process begins with the identification of the movers and shakers in the markets you wish to enter or expand in. Most of the time they are the senior executives and owners of your target customers, but quite often there are government officials and bureaucrats who hold the keys to the high-horsepower vehicle that will allow you to cruise the marketing Autobahn with nary a speed limit in sight. Without the help and cooperation of these players, the job of capturing your slice of the market “pie” becomes an expensive and frustrating uphill slog.

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Once we have determined who your specific target individuals will be, we use our experience and expertise—and yes, we do a bit of name dropping as well—to make these meetings possible. We assess their level of interest and then arrange the initial face-to-face meetings between these business and government leaders and your key senior executives. We usually arrange from four to six high-level meetings per day while you are “in-country,” or we can group these leaders together in a trade delegation that comes to you. The inbound delegation participants can meet with you at your place of business or invited to come to a trade show where you are a participant—whether you have a booth at the show or not. You do not need an expensive showing in the trade show itself to win the hearts, minds, and budgets of this level of foreign executive.


Contact us for information on current trade delegation profiles and schedules, or for a sales mission put together for your company independent of your potential competitors.