EXIM Partners, LLC is experienced in virtually all phases of international trade. Our business clients initially come to us requesting assistance for one or two major areas of our expertise—export assistance and financing the sale, including soft-currency conversion. Exporting, whether it be  finished products, components, or professional services is an almost universal method of increasing sales. When you are able to sell your products or services to distributors or end users not only within your home market but to multiple countries your sales volumes can increase exponentially.


Insuring that your company’s international export business is profitable is an altogether different side of that proverbial coin. When you do business in foreign countries you are faced with add on costs for transportation and forwarding services, duties and taxes, product and labeling adaptations, distribution overhead, installation/warrantees/servicing, and a myriad of other potential hidden traps and pitfalls. Add to that the potential for theft of intellectual property--ideas and
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innovations—normally protected by copyrights, patents, and trademarks in your home country where the legal system is established and effective, are not as easy to protect when you are dealing with different cultures, morays, and court systems that range from “kangaroo” to virtually non-existent.


Despite all the potential for mayhem, the majority of companies that export have learned to make their export programs profitable and well-worth the effort. EXIM Partners exists to assist those companies who have not found the going so smooth, or who are new to exporting and need guidance right from the starting gate.


Depending on your needs and overseas ambitions, we can design a suite of services to fit your level of exporting knowledge and experience to ensure that you get into your new markets as profitably as possible. Our services can include any one, several, or all of the following areas of our expertise:

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