The act of importing manufactured goods, services, and/or raw materials can be done as a method of obtaining products or commodities available overseas at better prices or are just “available”—and do not exist in your country. Importing can also be an integral part of overseas manufacturing or licensing of your own products.


Whatever the reasons for your desire to import, it is very easy to run afoul of your own country’s restrictions. Whether it be the restriction of a certain product or class of products; the importation of goods or services from a certain nation that has been punished for supporting terror, nuclear proliferation, or hundreds of other “no-no’s”; or tariffs and other taxes that along with transportation costs; could individually or together make your first shipment of imported goods a financial or legal disaster.


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Unfair foreign pricing and government subsidies often distort the free flow of goods and can adversely affect your own country’s business in the global marketplace. When that happens, whether you live in the USA, a country of the European Union, or elsewhere in the world, your government can take enforcement actions to prevent unfair competition or “dumping.” By working with EXIM Partners ahead of time, you can be relatively safe from any such legal or monetary nightmares.


If you feel your USA-based business has suffered from unfairly priced or subsidized products, contact us for no-cost referrals to the appropriate federal and/or state agencies which can look into your company’s situation to determine if there is the possibility of enforcement action for anti-competitive importing or “dumping.”